Thursday, May 14, 2009

Every thing you can do to make WSS search work !!!

If like me you are haunted by Event IDs 2424 and 2436 on your SharePoint server and you have no clue of what needs to be done join the club, WSS has least relation with the search configurations and if you get a search error you can do anything and everything mentioned in this article to get the error away ….

Taking reference from my earlier article WSS search does not work after service account password changes here are the additions

  1. If this issue occurs when you have site running in the Host Header and the search stops working after the Infrastructure update is applied, apply the post infrastructure update or the Service pack 2, this is because the infrastructure update is know to break your AAM mappings check this: and
  2. Use KB 934838 which can update your credentials to use the updates account
  3. Try to make the content access account as the farm administrator
  4. Add the service account to the following groups
  • Administrators

5. On database server, configure the account as:

  • "dbcreator" and "securityadmin" role of the database server
  • "dbowner" of all SharePoint databases including configuration database, content database and search database

6. The alternate Access mappings should have the default running with http://servername:portnumber and in IIS host header should be configured with http port number and second entry as with host header of your site and port 80

7. In web.config set the <identity impersonate = “true”/>, this should help

8. The timer service account must be same as the search services account in the services console and should have permissions in the task folder locate this on c:\windows\task now this is a system folder and will not let you assign permissions, so you can run the following command from start > run > cmd > type the following attrib –s <folder name> this will remove the system attributes from the folder, after your done with giving the permissions you can run attrib +s

9. On Site Actions > site settings > Search Visibility > index all aspx pages

10. Look at the kb

11. go to start > admin tools > component services > component services > My computer > computer > DCOM config > give permissions to the IISadmin and SPSearch components

Go to properties > security tab > edit all the 3 frames and add the service account

12. Now run the command stsadm –o enumservices and note down the output, especially for WSS search

13. Now run the provision the search follow tech net first stop and then start, you will have to provide a new database

14. To check if the search works, run the command stsadm –o spsearch –action fullcrawlstart

    Monday, May 4, 2009

    10 Free SharePoint Themes full configuration for Dummies

    As we know that share point does provide you some set of themes to work with you can locate them in at your site, go to site actions > site settings > under the look and feel category hit the site themes to go there, if you are working with MOSS you have an option to apply the master pages to your site as well, master pages are predefined pages which gives your site a uniform look and feel,

    The difference between Themes and master pages is that themes needs to be applied on a site level and in master page you can set up an option to inherit to the sub sites, but if you use the sushi 3.4 you can set themes on all you sub sites in one go.

    Incase you are still wondering how do we go about these you can refer a superb article by Heather Solomon difference between master pages and Themes difference between master pages and Themes, and you will know which one to implement,

    As mentioned in my earlier posts I did discover some hidden themes in SharePoint packed with the product but they were not released because of there non uniform CSS, now Microsoft has released free themes which will work with you MOSS site these are available as free download here, you can checkout the preview this looks super cool on site but the implementation is not that simple

    Pre requisites:

    You need Visual Studio 2008 installed on your machine

    You need Visual Studio 2008 extensions for SharePoint – available here:

    o V1.2

    · V1.3 CTP

    Now after you are done with the pre-requisite you can install the new cool themes for SharePoint from here

    and enjoy a new look to your portal site, I am in a process of implementing these but will surely comment about the look and feel as soon as I am done :)

    Alright addition to my earlier post today on 5/5/2009 why? not because the SharePoint themes were tough but because I had jus too much work

    Okies now everywhere we see that the ten themes are just given with the links to understand the complete configuration you must refer to my older post at SharePoint Hidden themes; here I talk about Editing the SPthemes.xml file

    so if you go step by step

    1. Download and install the ten themes for SharePoint

    2. Install Visual studio 2008 on the server

    3. Download visual studio extensions for SharePoint

    4. Then locate the Ten themes folder

    5. Select any theme folder eg SportingsiteTheme folder

    6. double click on the folder go to > Sporting site theme > Template > themes > SPORTING

    7. copy this folder and paste it into c:\program files\common files\Microsoft shared\web server extensions'\12\template\themes

    8. Also copy sporting_preview.jpg to the c:\program files\common files\Microsoft shared\web server extensions'\12\template\images folder

    9. Now Modify the SPthemes.xml (Take tips from SharePoint Hidden themes;) located at C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\web server extensions\12\TEMPLATE\LAYOUTS\1033

    just add a chunk of code in between as:


    this makes the theme available on site actions> site settings > site themes. so its easy to apply, save the file and close it.

    10. now if you try applying this theme it will be applied to your site but will show something as this

    11. Now comes the visual studio part, you have to go back to the place where you original Ten Themes for SharePoint are located and sportingsitetheme > double click and run the file SportingSiteTheme.sln, it will load and run the project in Visual studio 2008

    12. Once that is done click on Debug button (green start button) the project will take its own sweet time to compile

    then it gives you message as Activating feature sporting site template, and succeeded

    13. you can check the featured being deployed at the Central admin > Operations tab > Solution Management > sportingtheme.wsp incase this is not deployed you can use the command prompt to do that, catch the links here

    14. now try to refresh the site or apply the same thing… it works !!!!

    Here’s the new look

    My recommendation try the Construction site theme its awesome