Friday, May 20, 2016

Why should the customer go for O365 – O365 advantage?

Why should the customer go for O365 – O365 advantage?

1.       Everything is in a cloud so no risk of loosing data as Microsoft backs up everything, the downtime if any is very minimal and always communicated.

2.       Leave the hosting, upgrading and patching worries, you will always get the latest version to work with without any hassles

3.       No VPN connection is required, O365 mails are available on internet across the globe

4.       They apps sync with smart phone on all OS’s Tablets and systems.

5.       New security policy helps you wipes your data remotely in case you have to

6.       MS office apps are available on Mobile devices and can be downloaded from app stores

7.       Buy o365 and you get an additional advantage of SharePoint sites, Lync and Sky drive for Business with 1 TB storage per user which is keeps a local copy of the data with help of the sync button for working offline.

8.       Work with monthly costs per users easier to add and remove if people have been onboarded or left the organization.

9.       People can get larger Mailbox storage upto 25 GB

10.   No more worries on MS office licensing; now everyone in the organization will work with the same version of office so no more compatibility issues.

11. New apps Sway and Delve makes Collaborating and working with files and peoples really easy.