Wednesday, October 26, 2011

SharePoint 2010 - The Security Token Service is not available

After installing SharePoint Foundation 2010 I noticed a warning in the Central Admin > Review problems and solutions report that the Security Token Service is not available.

The Security Token Service is not available.
The Security Token Service is not issuing tokens. The service could be malfunctioning or in a bad state.
SPSecurityTokenService (SecurityTokenService)
I have found so many articles while search and it seems the problem is same but the resolution is deferent for all scenarios. For my scenario problem ended up being that the default configuration of the IIS Application Pools was set to 32-bit:

When SharePoint was installed all of the application pool accounts were added with 32-Bit enabled which prevented the SharePoint application pools from starting. I had corrected this for the Central Admin site and also the root SharePoint site but the application pools for the Security Token Service were still set to use the 32-Bit application which was preventing the service from starting.
Changing this setting in each of the application pools (there were several created so check them all) fixed the issue and then the warning went away.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Connect to Outlook is missing in SharePoint Calendar

A very common & known issue while migrating IE versions. There is couple of steps and checking should be done to get this resolved.
  • Make sure a single Office instance installed either 2003 or 2007 not both. In case you found a single instance of another version try below step.
  • Manually unregister and register the owssupp.dll with regsvr32 , if this will not resolve your issue try below step.
  • Enable add-on called “SharePoint Stssync Handler” in Internet Explorer. Go to Tools > Manage Add-Ons and look for add-ons called “SharePoint Stssync Handler” if disabled, Enable it. If enabled, disable it restart IE and re-enable it.  Still getting issue try below one.
  • SharePoint Services Support feature should be installed on the machine.Control Panel > Microsoft Office > Change > Add or Remove features and add WSS features
For more on SharePoint STSSYNCHANDLER: Connect to Outlook to synchronize lists:

Saturday, October 8, 2011

SharePoint 2007 WorkFlows - Very basics

Very basic workflows and their related features
These features (under Site Action > Site Settings > Site Collection Features) must be activated to get respective workflows.
Please find the table below 

Collect Signatures
Collect Signatures Workflow
Disposition Approval
Disposition Approval Workflow
Routing Workflows
Collect Feedback
Three-state workflow
Translation Management (Only in Translation Management Library)
Translation Management Workflow

Feel free to reach me in case of any queries.

Monday, October 3, 2011

How to: fix InfoPath form error – “An error occurred when the form was being submitted’

While Trying to submit an InfoPath form getting error – “An error occurred when the form was being submitted'

Resolution Steps:
  • Found user has many fields and most of the fields are copied from other field so when we open a form in design mode found following error – Control stores duplicate data 
  • At the first step of resolution I was suspecting this is the culprit behind this issue, and removed all duplicate fields added new fields and saved the form
  • Republished the form and when clicked on Submit button got the same error.
  • Again opened the form in design mode and checked following options in Form options Browser category

  • All options were @ the right place.
  • Then when I went to Submit options I was quite surprised because it’s a very small option I did not check and spent lot many time after this issue.
  • Go to Tools > Submit Options > Manage > Modify

  • Just checked “Allow overwrite if file exists” option.
  • Saved the form and published it again and saw all is good.
  • User did not check it because he was using a unique file name , he had manually written “Form” and he was afraid that if he this option is checked all form entries will be overwritten.
  • So I have changed file name to user name field, so whatever user enters into that filed, The form will be saved with that name.