Saturday, September 3, 2016

how to learn Cloud?

There is quite a cloud buzz these days and while the application supporters like you and me fear the change to the cloud for loss of jobs we also need to adapt with the current changes, we still have time to unlearn what we knew and re-learn the state of art technologies.
In one of the meetings our mangers citied that the future is going to be a within these few technologies

1         Big Data
2.       Internet of things or IoT
3.       Mobility
4.       Digital
5.       Cloud

Being from an application (SharePoint Administrator) environment I could only relate myself to the cloud.
So I begin my self-learning and Job saving activity on getting myself trained on O365 and Azure using the Microsoft Virtual Academy Videos Link here

Being done that which took a really really long time, you need a real determination ( I guess job saving is a good reason enough) and real good patience once done with this is comfortably added to my resume that I have done self-paced learning in Office 365 and I know the cloud.

But do I really know the cloud?  its far more deeper and complex then I think.
While doing some readings online I found a few more very interesting things.
I am going to add the topics on my upcoming posts so what I know I can share hope it helps someone like me on a self-paced no guidance given journey to know and understand what a Cloud is and how can get absorbed into this new technology.