Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Access Denied issue after creating new configuration database

This is one of the rare issues I was facing with my farm.


Due to domain crash I have created a new domain with the same name and created all users which were there in old domain.


  • After creating a new domain I have tried to connect with the old configuration database which failed with invalid user credentials issue.
  • So I have created a new Configuration Database as I have Content DB of the site with me.
  • PSConfig was completed successfully and attach content DB worked fine.
  • Now the main issue occurred, site was accessible fine if I use farm admin credentials but it gave "Access Denied" error for all other users which I have added to the site earlier.

  • From my research I found it was due to Schema mismatch, so when I delete and re add that user it worked fine.
  • Or you can use STSADM -o migrateuser command