Friday, September 17, 2010

How to upload a document to multiple document libraries simultaneously?

This might be a known issue and thee might be so many solutions to resolve this, but my issue is resolve using below method so I am posting this on blog..

·         Let’s say we have to upload Documents to Test1 (Source Doc Lib) and Test2 (Destination Doc Lib) Document Library simultaneously
·         We can achieve this task by creating SP Designer conditional workflow
·         Refer following figure.

·         Open SharePoint Designer 2007 and then click on New > Workflow
·         On the Define your new workflow stage provide a meaningful name and select a startup type as per
your requirement.
·         Under that box you will get option to select which on which list you want to enable that workflow.
·         Click Next.
·         It will prompt you the Conditions and Actions page
·         In Condition select – Modified by specific person condition
·         Then click on specific person label and it will open option as shown in following figure
·         Select User who created current item option and add it to Selected Users box
·         Reason behind selecting this option is when any user uploads a document to that specific Doc Lib it will be automatically updated to destination Doc Lib
·         Then click on Actions button which will give you below option

·         Select Copy List Item option and then select copy item in Test1 (Source Doc Lib) to Test2 (Destination Doc Lib)
·         Click finish, which will finish setup of workflow on Doc Lib Test1

·         Now go to Test1 (Source Doc Lib) and upload a document.
·         In that Test1 you will see a column with the same name with which you have created a workflow, and it will give you in progress status.
·         Just go to Test2 (Destination Doc Lib) and you will get the same document listed over there.
·         And when you come back to Test1, In progress status will be over and it will give you Completed status.

Attention: One more thing I would like to specify at the end, if you have selected Manual start then you have to manually start the workflow associated on that Doc Lib.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Access Denied issue after creating new configuration database

This is one of the rare issues I was facing with my farm.


Due to domain crash I have created a new domain with the same name and created all users which were there in old domain.


  • After creating a new domain I have tried to connect with the old configuration database which failed with invalid user credentials issue.
  • So I have created a new Configuration Database as I have Content DB of the site with me.
  • PSConfig was completed successfully and attach content DB worked fine.
  • Now the main issue occurred, site was accessible fine if I use farm admin credentials but it gave "Access Denied" error for all other users which I have added to the site earlier.

  • From my research I found it was due to Schema mismatch, so when I delete and re add that user it worked fine.
  • Or you can use STSADM -o migrateuser command

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The document could not be opened for editing. A Windows SharePoint Services compatible application could not be found to edit the document.

This is very common issue with office documents.(Excel , Word)
Most of the time issue has been resolved by hot fixes provided by Microsoft
This issue I found with MS Office Project documents and this works for me.
Please follow below steps to resolve MS Office Project document compatibility issue with SharePoint

1. On the local computer, install Windows SharePoint Services Support from the Office installation media.(It is listed under Office Tools.)

2. The following registry keys must be added to the local machine.

@="Microsoft Office Project Document"



@="\"C:\Program Files\Softricity\SoftGrid for Windows Desktops\sfttray.exe" /launch
"Microsoft Office Project 2003 projecpm.311""
--note that "Microsoft Office Project 2003 projecpm.311" refers to the actual name
of the package. The name will be different for every case.

"Content Type"="application/"

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Site owner of a Sub site cannot save any list as Template gets Access Denied.

I am working with a new organization now and we deal more in the user interface then the server side and you know what its definitely a learning experience when you stand at the other side, we truly ignore what would an action on the server result at the users end and it a great learning curve here.

From now on my posts will me more of client specific rather then server because not everyone using SharePoint has an access to server but they do have issues
Most of the users face “Access Issue” we as administrators inherit and break permissions, play with the item and list levels and it some times does impact the customers the issue I had recently was

A Site owner of a Sub site cannot save any list as Template gets Access Denied.

Here we have a site collection with site admins and we have some sub sites under it, every sub site is governed by different site owners (and admin’s as well but they do not step into another territory)

When a site owner tries to save any list as template he gets AcceSS denied

The issue lies with the List template gallery in the Main site o look at that logon to main site > site actions > site settings > Galleries > List template gallery

We saw that the Site collection admin was running it with unique permissions and the site owner for the sub site was given Read access out there

We then added him as contribute on list template gallery and it fixed the issue for us

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Quickly create a custom template in MOSS 2007 using SPD 2007

This is very easy and very quick way to create a custom template in MOSS 2007
Please follow below steps

>> Open SharePoint site in SharePoint designer
>> Then go to Catalogs folder
>> Take a copy of default.master and DefaultLayout.aspx pages
>> Now open these two pages to edit them
>> Actually we have to edit Default.Master page , DefaultLayout.aspx is just a result page of our changes on default.master
>> Import all images you have to publish on site
>> Now start doind changes on default.master page
>> Periodically check DefaultLayout.aspx page to verify results of modification
>> This works for me.

      Enjoy !!

      Planning Your SharePoint 2010 Upgrade

      Part 1: Inventory

      I took a few days off earlier this week to spend some quality time with the family on the beach. Nothing like a game of catch by the ocean to highlight the really important things/people in my life. Fortunately/Unfortunately, I had internet access the whole time so I could stay connected to all things SharePoint 2010. Oh the insanity! We’re in this “quiet” period, pre October conference, so there is a fair amount of speculation and exaggeration out there (especially in Twitter land). White noise! I’m not advising you to ignore it; just remember where we are (on the calendar) and there is actually a plan in place for getting solid information to the SharePoint community in sufficient time to support rapid adoption of SharePoint 2010.

      That said, I do think there are things SharePoint 2007 owners can be doing to begin the process of getting to the next version. Right now is a perfect time for… Inventory. I look at it in various categories:

      One of the most detailed pieces of SharePoint 2010 is the infrastructure requirements. We know it is all 64-bit. What does your environment look like today? Will you be going to SQL Server 2008? Will you be going to Windows Server 2008? Can/Should you upgrade these technologies in advance of SharePoint 2010 or will you introduce them as part of the process. Take an inventory of servers and technologies and think about what they will look like a year from now.


      Do you have the “right” number of SharePoint environments? That is, are there rogue instances of SharePoint 2007 that “popped up” along the way? Does it make sense to consider a consolidation of SharePoint instances? If yes, it also affects the infrastructure inventory (above). Take an inventory of the SharePoint 2007 environments you have (intranet, extranet, internet, rogue). Consolidation? Elimination? Staggered upgrade strategy?
      3rd Party Tools:
      Are you using any 3rd party or custom tools with SharePoint 2007? Hopefully, these are listed in your Disaster Recovery document. Workflow engine? Admin tool? Backup/Restore? Do/Will you still need these with SharePoint 2010? Inventory the non-native components you have and set a plan for elimination or upgrade.
      Remember, the upgrade is still (at least) months away. SharePoint usage will continue to grow and evolve. Take an inventory of the next few phases of your current deployment. Are there things that make sense to defer to new native functionality with 2010? At some point, you will need to draw a line to stop incremental feature deployments and focus on the upgrade. You decide when that is.

      Bottom line, the sneak peek videos, nuggets of information and wild speculations are all interesting (if not amusing) so don’t ignore them. In the same sense, don’t let them clutter your planning. Work from the inside (you) out (SharePoint 2010) instead of the other way around.
      Having gotten lost a few times on the drive back from vacation, I was reminded that you need to have a solid understanding of your current position before you can accurately set the course for your destination… it makes for a smoother/faster ride (and less yelling from your boss/spouse).

      Friday, March 26, 2010

      1. On windows 2008 servers we installed the Desktop experience feature and started the web client service

      2. Then we went to the IIS 7.0 manager page

      3. On the Module section we removed the WebDav module

      4. Explorer view started working on the windows Integrated sites

      5. but not on FBA , we noticed via fiddler that site was running into authentication loops when browsed with FBA

      6. while signing in the browser on FBA we checked the Checkbox ""sign me in automatically "

      Explorer view gives "Internet Explorer Cannot dispal this webpage" on Server 2008