Friday, September 17, 2010

How to upload a document to multiple document libraries simultaneously?

This might be a known issue and thee might be so many solutions to resolve this, but my issue is resolve using below method so I am posting this on blog..

·         Let’s say we have to upload Documents to Test1 (Source Doc Lib) and Test2 (Destination Doc Lib) Document Library simultaneously
·         We can achieve this task by creating SP Designer conditional workflow
·         Refer following figure.

·         Open SharePoint Designer 2007 and then click on New > Workflow
·         On the Define your new workflow stage provide a meaningful name and select a startup type as per
your requirement.
·         Under that box you will get option to select which on which list you want to enable that workflow.
·         Click Next.
·         It will prompt you the Conditions and Actions page
·         In Condition select – Modified by specific person condition
·         Then click on specific person label and it will open option as shown in following figure
·         Select User who created current item option and add it to Selected Users box
·         Reason behind selecting this option is when any user uploads a document to that specific Doc Lib it will be automatically updated to destination Doc Lib
·         Then click on Actions button which will give you below option

·         Select Copy List Item option and then select copy item in Test1 (Source Doc Lib) to Test2 (Destination Doc Lib)
·         Click finish, which will finish setup of workflow on Doc Lib Test1

·         Now go to Test1 (Source Doc Lib) and upload a document.
·         In that Test1 you will see a column with the same name with which you have created a workflow, and it will give you in progress status.
·         Just go to Test2 (Destination Doc Lib) and you will get the same document listed over there.
·         And when you come back to Test1, In progress status will be over and it will give you Completed status.

Attention: One more thing I would like to specify at the end, if you have selected Manual start then you have to manually start the workflow associated on that Doc Lib.