Monday, October 3, 2011

How to: fix InfoPath form error – “An error occurred when the form was being submitted’

While Trying to submit an InfoPath form getting error – “An error occurred when the form was being submitted'

Resolution Steps:
  • Found user has many fields and most of the fields are copied from other field so when we open a form in design mode found following error – Control stores duplicate data 
  • At the first step of resolution I was suspecting this is the culprit behind this issue, and removed all duplicate fields added new fields and saved the form
  • Republished the form and when clicked on Submit button got the same error.
  • Again opened the form in design mode and checked following options in Form options Browser category

  • All options were @ the right place.
  • Then when I went to Submit options I was quite surprised because it’s a very small option I did not check and spent lot many time after this issue.
  • Go to Tools > Submit Options > Manage > Modify

  • Just checked “Allow overwrite if file exists” option.
  • Saved the form and published it again and saw all is good.
  • User did not check it because he was using a unique file name , he had manually written “Form” and he was afraid that if he this option is checked all form entries will be overwritten.
  • So I have changed file name to user name field, so whatever user enters into that filed, The form will be saved with that name.

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