Monday, September 26, 2011

Wiki Page not showing any content when a Wiki Page Library created from saved template

This is a weird issue I found. One of my users saved a Wiki Page library as a template and created a new wiki page library.
The new Wiki Lib works fine as expected and then he had deleted the old one.
Now when he tried to create another wiki library from the new wiki lib, it gave all the pages but the weird thing is all contents are gone.
I performed following steps to resolve this issue.
i.e. Source Wiki Page Library = Lib A
i.e. New Wiki Page Library = Lib B
·         Open Lib B which made from Lib A and having all the content
·         Click on the drop down of each pages and then click “Edit Properties”
·         Click on OK without changing any content
·         Then save Lib B as a template
·         Create a new Wiki Lib (i.e. Lib C)
·         You will get all contents (Wiki Pages) with all contents in it.
Please let me know in case of any issues / queries.

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