Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Issue: Cannot spot My Site & My links on home page of Sharepoint website

Issue: Cannot spot My Site & My links on home page of Sharepoint website

Before we proceed lets check if the SSP is created and its working good

Then check if there is a different application created for My site and My links and check the site collection created in the Central admin page, if there are collections present with /username.

Now start investigating the SSP, here in SSP you have some features to check the status of these two links

Look into Personalization service permissions > edited permissions for NTAuthority\AllAuthenticatedUsers > it should have permissions to create my site & personalize settings

Look into My site settings
Look into My site host permissions, you should be able see the authenticated users there
Check the personalization site permissions, but you will have to work with audience in this way
Also check is use personal permissions is enabled there

When you complete doing all this you have to start thinking on isolation of this issue, Isolation of the issue is very very important as when you troubleshoot as it gives you the right direction
Create a new web application ‘Test’ and check if you can spot the links there, if not there then you might have to check with a new SSP

If you can, either the web application is corrupt or there is a redirection setup on the Application Pool
The point is that if you have a redirection setup on the app pool level it prevents the My sites and My links from appearing on the application

Suppose your site url is http://hotmail and you set the redirection to so that whenever your user opens browser and types http://hotmail and gets redirect to , this keeps away the my sites & my links.

To workaround remove the redirection from Application Pool, and use it through the Alternate Access mappings on the Central Administration page

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