Saturday, April 11, 2009

Working with Sushi 3.4

Sushi is good to eat and great to work with !!! yes that's true I am talking about the sushi tool available from Codeplex, just to be on record I love Codeplex!! and the tools they are neat and work absolutely gorgeous. ...

Alrighty back to sushi, you can have a look at this little piece at the link pretty much info there, but just to list

sushi gives you and option to

Get reports from the site
save your profile images
Perform an stsadm backup with a GUI option to provide the location
Perform an stsadm restore
Send a test email

It also lets you work with lists, like copying view, metadata, bulk list creation, bulk site and column creation

It also lets you apply themes to the site as well as sub sites in one go, now isn't that just awesome...

Sushi is a good took when working with a large creation and deployment on Sharepoint sites and servers good for the view feature.

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