Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rename wiki page title in MOSS 2007 / SharePoint 2010 without changing site URL

In Wiki pages if you change the page title it will also change the site URL.
So if you have put it as a reference on any site that link will be broken
Here is the method I have successfully used to change the page title without changing the site URL
  • Open the SharePoint site in SharePoint Designer

  • In Design mode select the page title, and rename it

  • Here I have found very weird behavior that in code window <title> parameter is missing so to generate <title> parameter remove Page Title from the design view

  • Page title is associated with “SharePoint:ListItemProperty”, so when we remove page title from the page this parameter will be removed in the code <SharePoint:ListItemProperty runat=”server”/>

  • Now in the design window add your own title which will generate <p> your title </p> parameter in code and you can refer this parameter for any future changes.

You can hide the page (Wiki page) title by simply adding comment “<!-- <p> title </p> -->”
Feel free to reach me in case of any queries.

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