Sunday, September 23, 2012

10 Steps to Optimize SharePoint Performance‏

Eric Shupps, SharePoint MVP and the Founder and President of BinaryWave, gives you the skinny on how to work within the SharePoint infrastructure to improve your SharePoint server performance. Learn to understand the inner workings of the framework, and build a better optimization strategy.
In this whitepaper, learn how to:
  • Separate user and database traffic
  • Isolate search indexing
  • Defragment database indexes, and more
Download this handy and informative whitepaper now to get a head start on optimizing your SharePoint server.
Download the whitepaper now!
Improve your SharePoint performance with SharePoint diagnostic manager
Download SharePoint diagnostic manager now!SharePoint diagnostic manager provides 24x7 enterprise monitoring, real-time alerts to tell you if SharePoint is down or pages are slow, plus tools to diagnose performance issues.

Download a free trial of SharePoint diagnostic manager now for optimal SharePoint performance.

Download a free trial of SharePoint diagnostic manager

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