Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Customizations Possible (Dev) in a SharePoint 2010 Environment


That use only DLLs

That use .ascx files (deployed in ControlTemplates folder)
12 hive (only when webparts are deployed as .ascx files)

SPD Workflows
Will automatically get migrated, because it is there in the content db
Fur between SP 2010 Farms, if you need to migrate, you need to use tools – Workflow Migrators
VS Workflows
Can be just solutions – can be just redeployed
Custom Master Pages

Content DB is fine unless, the application default.master or v4.master is modified (which is in layouts folder)

Application Pages (Custom Layout Pages)
Layouts folder
Straight copy
Features folder (Manifest.xml and Elements.xml)
Can comprise multiple features
Can be found in Solution Management of the Central Administration
Third party add-ons
Re-install (depends on what kind of add-on that is)
Custom Security Trimmers
GAC – assembly

Few other things:
Event Receivers
Could be deployed as Features / Solutions
Custom Site Definitions
Under SiteTemplates
Custom List Definitions
Not any folder, but GAC again
Custom Content Type Definitions
Custom Images
Images folder
Custom Icons and File Types
Central Admin, Search – File Types
DocIcon.xml under Template/Xml folder
Custom Fields (Custom Columns)
FldTypes.xml in the Template /XML Folder
InfoPath Form Templates
Locally stored in each development (.xsn files) – this is not a good practice, it might be directly present in the Content DB
External Data Connections
Worry about the connection string
ODBC Connections – you will have to re-create them in the SP Server
Data Connection Files stored inside Libraries (pointing to a wrong location after upgrade)
Content DB

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