Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Programmatically create a host-named site collection

In addition to using the Windows PowerShell to create host-named sites, you can use the SharePoint Server 2010 object model. The following code sample creates the host-named site collection with the URL http://host.header.site.url in the SharePoint Server 2010 Web application with the URL http://servername:

SPWebApplication webApp = SPWebApplication.Lookup(new
SPSiteCollection sites = webApp.Sites;
SPSite Site = null;
Site = sites.Add("http://hoster.contoso.com", "Site_Title",
"Site_Description", 1033, "STS#0", "contoso\owner",
"Owner_Display_Name", "Owner_Email", "contoso\secondaryowner,
"Secondary_Owner_Display_Name", "Secondary_Owner_Email", true);

SharePoint Server 2010 ships with a set of Web services for various user and administrative tasks. One of these administrative tasks is creating a new site collection. The CreateSite Web service method does not support the creation of host-named site collections. A workaround for this issue is to write a Web service that wraps the API sample code.

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