Thursday, January 30, 2014

Create your SharePoint 2010 themes easy

Branding the site is something each organization is looking for and  even if I had my own personal site which I use to share stuff I would love it brand it ... throw in some colors add icons and images. 

So If you wanna quick brand your SharePoint website you can do so from the Inbuilt themes from:

Using the Interface:

  1. Open SP site
  2. Go to site actions > site settings 
  3. under look and feel choose site theme
  4. click select a color to change the color of a specific item.
  5. choose theme from the list
  6. click preview to view the site changes before publishing 
  7. click apply

well wasn't that easy but if you want to make your own themes rather then the well defined ones before jumping into CSS  consider this option. 

Creating Themes with PowerPoint 2010

  1. Open PowerPoint 
  2. Create a new document but if you have an existing document that your organization uses then skip step 3.
  3. Change the theme, you can do this also from the design tab of powerpoint choose the theme that defines your style, choose fonts and hyperlinks so on. 
  4. Choose the color pallette for the site by clicking the Colors. 
  5. Save the PowerPoint Document as MS powerpoint theme which is *.thmx
  6. Now go back to your sharepoint site> upload this file under Galleries and Themes. 
  7.  Keep / as destination. 
  8. Then choose this new theme for your site from the about way. 

tadaaaa .. you have your custom theme for Sharepoint and did we even touch Designer or CSS sir :)

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