Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Installing Sharepoint on Server 2008

So all of us waited to see and know how working with Windows Server 2008 would be, So did I, I wanted to install Sharepoint 2007 (MOSS) on Windows Server 2008, and use the client as vista, Thought that the task might be quite simple, to its time to get working !!!

> My first Step : Installing Windows Server 2008

To be really honest I used a vhd that had the pre-installed software, but I would really like to explore that too.

the first thing I notice that Server 2008 has the interface totally different to 2003, it had the vista look which was quite pleasing to the eye also that there were different names for the similar things like suppose you have to configure the TCP/IP settings, I had to wander around the whole server to get it right. you can locate it at Control panel > Network and Internet > Network connections and configure the IP

> My second Step : Installing IIS 7.0

To install Share point my first step was to install IIS (which was a very, very painful task, trust me) well it is located at the Administrative Tools > Server Manger > Then you choose the IIS service and proceed with the installation. This was simple!!!

> My third Step : Installing .net framework 3.0

In server 2003 days you had to download the software from the site, here .net framework 3.0 is bundled with the server 2008, you will have to pull it from the Administrative Tools > Server manager > Features > add features > Check on .net framework 3.0 services, and you're done.
Positive point as the software is included with the OS it works for you even if you don't have an internet connection

> Fourth Step : Installing MOSS

Ok now its SHOWTIME, one thing that you must note before you install MOSS RTM on Server 2008 is that Server does not proceed with the installation unless you have the slipstream version of Sharepoint (Incase you are wondering what that is all about, it means MOSS + Service pack 1), to make your RTM CD a slipstream simply download the SP1 for MOSS setup file and place it on you upgrade folder (for MOSS), then proceed,

For this you will have to copy the entire CD on your Local disk, then add the KB on the upgrade Folder then hit the setup file. Here I am performing the Basic install of the product that it with SSEE.

One little thing that frustrated me was that after placing the WSS SP1 and MOSS SP1 on the upgrade folder the installation did not proceed to resolve this you will have to extract the KB articles on the upgrade folder via command line which will be something like 'c:\wssv3sp1-kb936988-x86-fullfile-en-us.exe /extract:c:\wsssp1'
After the struggle I was finally able to install MOSS on Server 2008, so In the end success matters, I would love to experiment more on the new IIS version "version 7.0", and Sharepoint site, keep an eye on my future posts.

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