Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Auto forward Emails from Outlook to SharePoint Document Library

Some days before one of my client wanted to auto forward outlook emails to one of SharePoint document library. I ran through following steps to achieve the given task.
  • Make sure Target Doc Lib contains Email address and it’s working
  • Then go to Outlook and click on New > Contact
  • Add Email address of that document library into the Outlook Contacts.
  • Save it and now create a rule from Outlook > Tools > Rules and Alerts > New Rule
  • Select “Start from a blank rule” option.
  • Select Check messages when they arrive > Next
  • Select “Condition” for which you want to forward emails to Doc Lib in step 2.
  • Then select action “forwards it to people or distribution list” and click on people or distribution list
  • Select “Outlook Address book” from Address Book drop down and you will getSharePoint Document Library email address as a contact > Add it
  • Click on Next > Finish
Now send an email with that condition to check rule.
Feel free to ask me if you have any questions.

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