Friday, June 10, 2011

Internet URL auto redirects to Intranet URL

Company’s internet site auto redirects to Company’s Intranet site
Company’s intranet Site:              http://abc
Company’s internet Site:    
One user had added Link Web Part on site and in that link web part when he clicks on  it auto converts into http://abc  in the web part and internet user is not able to access the site. If he manually changes the URL from http://abc to then it’s working fine.
I did very basic troubleshooting and the issue got resolved.
  • First I went to Central Administration > Operations > AAM settings and checked zone settings for the affected sites. It was looking good.
  • Then I went to IIS manager and found that our developer had put redirection URL under Home Directory of that site.
  • It was obviously for testing purpose but after testing he did not remove it.
  • So I just changed the option to “A directory located on this computer” option and it was working fine as expected.
Feel free to reach me if you have any doubts.

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