Thursday, November 17, 2011

Performance issue with Project Task List in SharePoint 2007

A Project Task List takes more than 5 minutes to load

Cause & Resolution:
·         User had a project task list
·         Total number of items = 2000+
·         She had created a custom view in which she selected an option Grouped by “Column Name”
·         Created my personal view (of course a standard view, no grouped by, no sort by or no filter)
·         Browsed the list using my personal view and it had hardly taken a minute to open
·         Also found this article - which says – There is not a hard limit, but you might experience list view performance degradation as the number of field types in a list increases to 256 per list.
·         And I also checked when we select Grouped By option in the view Field types in the list increased to more than 300, so removed grouped by option from user’s custom view which loaded the list faster.

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