Friday, May 4, 2012

Your License for Microsoft search server has expired in Search Server 2008

Troubleshooting Search server 2008:

Search server 2008 Express edition gives Error message as “Your License for Microsoft search server has expired”

Search server 2008 can also be used at your Organization even if you are not using SharePoint at all, in this scenario you can crawl your File share, Search server 2008 indexes the files then you can use the search center to insert the key words.
Now if you are using the Search server 2008 express edition and you face a problem while search as an error message as “Your License for Microsoft search server has expired”

You will have to check the following

  • Check if the Help search that us Windows SharePoint Help search service and Office SharePoint search is running with same account
  • Check the content access account
  • Check if the help search is working
  • In case it’s not or the accounts configured for both the services is different Stop and start the services using Services on server link under operations tab
  • Then you are sure that the new databases are at work
  • Then you will have to migrate to Add remove programs and locate the Search server Express and run a repair
  • Then reboot the machine
  • Then run the PS config wizard again
  • Let it finish
  • Launch the Search dashboard
  • The search will not show any license errors now.

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