Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Access Denied when attempting to create a new page

User received an error message “Access Denied” when trying to create a new page even if he / she is a member of Site Owner group with Full Control permission

The access denied was a result of the user not being a part of the Style Resource Readers group. According to TechNet, this group allows a user to read the Master Page Gallery and Restricted Read the Style Library. By default  this group contains only the NT AUTHORITY\Authenticated Users group. This will allow all users who have authenticated to the site to read the Master Page gallery and Style Library.

  • Open the site > Site Actions > Site Settings
  • In the Users and Permissions section > People and Groups
  • Click on Groups and select Style Resource Readers
  • Click New > Add User
  • In the Add Users section, click the Add all authenticated users link
  • Click OK

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