Monday, July 2, 2012

SQL check is FREE

Try SQL check today!
Every DBA knows the importance of monitoring SQL Server performance to proactively find and fix performance issues. But, did you know you can do this for FREE with Idera SQL check? SQL check is a free tool and provides real-time performance information for a single SQL Server. SQL check gives you:
Real-time monitoring of ~20 key performance metrics
SQL Server sessions monitoring, including locked sessions
No objects installed
Download free tool today!
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Need to monitor more than one SQL Server?
SQL diagnostic manager screenshotSQL diagnostic manager helps you quickly identify and resolve SQL Server problems BEFORE they impact performance.
 bulletMonitor and manage SQL Servers enterprise-wide
 bulletFind and fix performance bottlenecks
 bulletAnalyze performance over time
 bulletMonitor and fix issues from any web-enabled device
 bullet24x7 monitoring with intelligent alerts - no agents required
Download free 14-day trial!

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