Wednesday, February 12, 2014

List or Library shows blank pages

This is very common issue when user closes out list web part on any of the list or library pages
  • Open faulty page in web part maintenance mode to check is there any web part / script added to that page or not
  • Once it’s confirmed go back to faulty page
  • Click on Site Action > Edit Page
  • Click on Add a Web Part option
  • Then from the web part category list navigate to bottom most categories – Closed Web Part
  • Select it and it will give you “untitled” (in most cases) in the right pane
  • Select and click Add
  • That’s all; you will be back in business
Now what in case someone deleted the web part
  • No worries open the same page in SharePoint Designer
  • Click on Insert and from the data view category choose the option related to your page (New, Edit or Display)
  • Add it to the respective page and that’s it.
Feel free to reach me in case of any issues, thanks

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