Thursday, February 6, 2014

Send reminder emails via SharePoint Designer Workflow

Last week one of my user asked me to design a reminder email which should be sent out 2 days before due date. He had a large list where there are thousands of items and he needed it to be approved / reviewed by assignee before it crossed the dead line. He already had a Due Date column which is Date and Time type and showing only date. Below is the design logic I used to achieve this requirement

Design Logic:
  • Create a new column (I called it Today) with Date and Time category and select to display only date
  • Create another column (Diff), type calculated, and simply add this formula

=[Today]-[Due Date]

That’s all from List end, now open up site in SPD
  • Create a new workflow based on List
  • Select respected list, specify name of that workflow
  • Then select condition – If current Item filed equals value
  • Put current item > Diff  in field and value to 2
  • In action tab select send an email
  • Fill all required stages
  • Save and publish the list
  • Now open the list and check if the workflow fires or not

Feel free to reach me in case of any issues, thanks

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