Thursday, March 27, 2014

NO data displayed in column

This is the most recent issue I came to know from one of my colleague. After moving a single file from source to destination the list went crazy.

Column shows no data

There was a requirement to move some files / items from List A to List B. And we used the most recommended way by using content and structure.


  • Source list: List A
  • Destination list: List B
  • Structure of both the list are same with same column name
  • Moved a single item from List A to List B
  • From List B opened a moved item
  • It showed blank / no data for some of the columns
  • Checked old items and found the same thing


  • Total 3 columns affected Name, Manager’s name and status
  • List A and List B both has these 2 columns
  • List A contains all of these with “Single line of text” category.
  • While List B contains person or group for name and manager’s name and choice category for stats column
  • Also in List B found duplication of these columns with different category
  • And here is the catch, columns having the same name but with different category showed blank / no data


  • To make sure that the affected column shows wrong category, renamed one of the duplicated column
  • Found the same column showed up in all three forms (newform, dispform and editform)
  • Renamed it back to original one
  • Removed them directly from list settings

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