Thursday, March 13, 2014

SharePoint 2013 Roles

There are 5 built-in roles in SharePoint 2013

  1. ·   Owner:  Owner has a complete control over site, list, library and other content placed on site.
  2. ·   Designer: Users having designer role limited to certain activities. User can view, add, update, delete and approve content. Users can even customize the things, they have access to.
  3. ·   Editor: Editor role users are not allowed to customize site design or content. Users can add, edit, update and delete content from the site.
  4. ·   Contributor: Very limited role. They can delete content items which they have created but not by other.
  5. ·   Reader: Users are only allowed to view the content of site. Users are assigned to Reader roles can download and edit the content but cannot save it back on SharePoint site.

Roles can be established at different level in SharePoint 2013. Role could be created from highest level that is Site Collection or at Individual site level or based on specific apps within site, library or list. Roles provide a way of managing permission at broadest level from site to site or within site and at apps level.

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