Friday, May 9, 2008

As we Start .........................

I work as a Support Enginner at Microsoft and I support the world-wide known ans appreciated product Sharepoint I have just started taking classes for Sharepoint . And I am amazed with the learning that I share everyday with my class. I love Sharepoint although its a bit complex to most of the people so as it is very user friendly and flexiable to develop applications. Back to where I was, I have found some very good intresting facts and details about the product which will be very useful to my friends who work in same designation as me and can derive a whole lotta solutions, Also I am going to post stuff about information not only on sharepoint but IIS and SQL and other supporting tools in genral. These information is every thing that we find in Google or Live, It just had been placed together. The posts donot contain any Internal and Restricted stuff from Microsoft as I respect my Employer and will not do anything to put my job at stack.

Here on I will post my coments and worldwide known resolutions that we have for all the issues or Infomation which is good to know, I hope you like this blog if you want me to add or remove any stuff or introduce features please leave me comments so that this becomes more fun as we move along.

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hey gal its nic to see your blogs