Thursday, May 15, 2008

Restoring single Item in Sharepoint

We all know how important backup is incase of a catestropic situation or a disaster, you need to make sure that you have regular backups of your sharepoint site so that you can recover everything even if you lost everything, backups are also used in daily and diffrencial forms so that you can recover data loss.
Now the major diffrence between Full and Diffrencial back is that Full backup contains all your files and folders and full history information of your data and Diffrencial backup starts from the end of full backup, i.e if you have taken a full backup of your database till tuesday and then you will take a diffrencial backup on wednesday it will not cover everything again it will only cover the diffrences from tuesday to wednesday
Now there are many ways to take a backup of Sharepoint site
Lets start for backup of Files & Folders

Recycle Bin :
Sharepoint 2003 and MOSS 2007 has a unique two stage recycle bin. It is used to restore single documents or folders those are deleted from site also cover announcements and pictures from libraries. If you delete a document from library it lands in recycle bin and stays there for 30 days or unless you delete it from recycle bin too.
Now why is it called a two stage recycle bin because If a user 'Nidhi G' has contributer permission the sharepoint site and if the user deletes a document from library which lands in Recycle Bin
and she empties the recycle bin too, then that document is lost from the profile of the user but it will be avaliable in the administrators bin until he deletes it from there
And only administrator can restore it. The settings for Recycle bin are in Central Administration page > Application Management > Web application Genral Settings
There you can perform settings on recycle bin

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