Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Branding sharepoint site Part II

How many times have I wondered when I see 'Internal & Restricted' written on every page or site or Copyright Label on Bottom of sharepoint sites being stamped on everypage that we browse. well that is actully the fundas of WCM . I will post a topic on Content Management and intergration of CMS 2002 intergration with MOSS in my later Posts
back to where I was I experimented on how and where to add the Copyrigth label and implement it on all other sites and yepheeee it worked for me with some limitaions which i will list down.

To start of with we need to know what a master page is all about in sharepoint and where do you find it A master page determines the loook and feel of your site and it also determines the navigation controls that useres use. Now suppose you have a blsnk site collection and your want to change the master page of the site go to Site actions > site settings > click on Master Page under look and feel
There the option will be default change it to anyone you like I will take example of Blue Band master page

Select the page and check on check box that says inheriting to subsites. Now your page is changed to a brand new master page
Now after this you have to open this site in sharepoint designer Then Open the Site in Designer and open folder called _catalogs folder and double click the Master page folder.

There Double click on the Blue Band master folder. And open the folder now all you have to do is add this chunk of code

So it starts showing on the page but how do we implement it on all the pages

After this is done we will switch to Apply styles on the bottom right corner and select topNavitem so that this implies to all the pages where topNavItem is used and here is how it looks

Limitations are that I didnot find it being implemented on the new page that i created even after changing it to master page

Also it was comimg haywire on some pages and i had to adjust the table. Please do leave me comments and let me know if there is anything that I need to add here

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