Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Branding sharepoint site III

Making your own content type
In this we will learn to make our own content type and publish it

To look at your Content types in the site browse to site actions > site settings > Content Types

There you will get a list of all content types

Click on create

Type name and desctiption and choose parent type as publishing

and you can choose to add it to new or existing group

I have choosen Name as Hobbies and Parent content type as Publishing Content type

Then you can add some columns from the content type page like i have added a yes no checkbox and a HTML summary page

and a existing columb as job description

Now open your sharepoint Designer

Open your site from file > open and site name

then open the _catalog folder
Then open folder master page and click on page layout

after that go to new and sharepoint content type

after it is listed in the list of content types, double click the content type and open it in design mode
There you will see the place holder part

Go to the tool box situated at the right upper of the page and drap drop the columbs

then you will see something like this

Save this page check in the ocument and you are done, you have sucessfully made your own content type,

Wanna check that out ok,

Go to the main page of your site

site actions > site settings and Create Page
You see your creation listed there

create a page using it and tadaaaaaaaaaa here is your own page

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